“It’s disastrous”: Former PL chief launches scathing attack on Newcastle’s latest tantrum over Ashworth saga

Everton’s former chief Keith Wyness claims that a transfer ban between Manchester United and Newcastle United as a ramification of Dan Ashworth leaving for Old Trafford is unworkable.

United’s new part owners, INEOS, decided earlier on that Newcastle’s Dan Ashworth was the right man to be the club’s new sporting director.

They promptly convinced the Englishman to join the revolution at Old Trafford.

As a consequence, Ashworth was put on gardening leave.

However, progress has slowed down immensely as Newcastle have demanded a King’s ransom to allow Ashworth to break his contract and complete a deal to arrive at United.

This has resulted in the Englishman taking his former employees to court in search of a resolution as Newcastle and Manchester United both refuse to cave in to their demands.

The stalemate has left both sides not particularly impressed with one another as Sir Jim Ratcliffe has labelled Newcastle’s approach as “silly”.

Newcastle have also been angered by United’s boldness and there have been reports that the club will not entertain offers from Old Trafford for any of their players.

However, speaking to Football Insider’s podcast, Everton’s former chief Keith Wyness believes this is impossible in reality.

“I’ve been in situations where agreements like that have been discussed,” he said.

“Clubs take a manager and you try and implement a transfer ban to make it so they can’t come back and raid the squad for a certain amount of time.”

“But in the end, it’s unworkable, it’s disastrous. Agents will work behind the scenes to agitate for moves.”

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