‘I’ve never heard such nonsense’: Ally McCoist furious after what he’s heard about Man United’s players

The Red Devils currently sit eighth in the Premier League after a humiliating 4-0 defeat at Selhurst Park on Monday evening.

United’s performances have also been a huge cause for concern, with Crystal Palace playing them off the park just three days ago. But Ally McCoist believes United’s players need to step up and take responsibility for their recent displays.

McCoist furious after ‘nonsense’ he’s heard about United players

Speaking on talkSPORT, it was put to McCoist that United’s players have stopped playing for Ten Hag.

It’s fair to say the Scotsman wasn’t convinced by that idea. McCoist feels they should step up and perform for personal pride, as well as the United fans.

“They’ve not downed tools for Erik ten Hag,” he said. “They’ve downed tools for themselves and they’ve been an embarrassment. Never mind down tools for Ten Hag.

“They’re not playing for Ten Hag solely, they’re playing for themselves, the fans, and everybody else. This is the thing that annoys me. It’s as if it’s the manager’s fault that he’s lost them. What nonsense. I’ve never heard such nonsense… go and play for your own personal pride. Go and run about and look as if you’re putting a bit of effort in. All this nonsense about managers losing the dressing room…”

Shebahn Aherne then added: “If they had somebody in the dressing room who was inspiring them, maybe they would’ve put on more of a show on Monday night.”

McCoist responded: “Shebahn, how about inspiring yourself? How about looking at the Man United jersey and saying this is who I’m playing for. I’m going to go out, I’m playing for myself, my family, Manchester United fans. It baffles me when everybody talks about not playing for the manager! What’s that nonsense?”

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