Journalist claims player ‘more inclined’ to accept Manchester United offer if manager’s exit is confirmed

During this time of year, there are often previous claims that are brought back since transfer claims really start to pick up before the summer timeframe. insisting that things might be different this time.

Specifically related to that, there have been rumours circulating from Italy that Adrien Rabiot may sign with Manchester United should he choose to leave Juventus at the end of the current campaign.

That’s what Paolo Paganini says, and Tutto Juve reported his statement to 90° Minuto.

Calciomercato said four days ago that Manchester United has made contact with the 28-year-old in an attempt to sign him in the summer.

The midfield player stated over the weekend that his goal is to assist the Old Lady in winning the Champions League again before his contract expires in June. After this season, he added, there will be time to discuss his future.
The France international signed a one-year contract in June, and according to Paganini, Massimiliano Allegri was a major factor in that decision.

It’s unclear if the manager will stay with the Serie A team after this season; there have been rumours that Thiago Motta, the manager of Bologna, will take over.

Should Juventus decide to break ways with Allegri, the writer thinks the former PSG player may accept Manchester United’s offer.

“For Rabiot there is a peculiarity. Rabiot remained at Juventus for Allegri last year, if Allegri were confirmed then there is a good chance that Rabiot will renew his contract. Otherwise, if Allegri leaves, he’s more inclined to accept other offers such as that of Manchester United,” he said.

The Frenchman has scored four goals and registered three assists from 28 games this season.

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