Man Utd Bruno Fernandes shows off ‘ANGRY reaction’ when spotted shopping with his wife at Tesco

26.2.20…. Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes nips to TESCO in Altrincham Twon Centre on Wednesday afternoon. It looks like Bruno is buying for his new house as he leaves with a huge basket of shopping which included an ironing board and a metal clothes horse.

A cart full of goods was observed being carried out of Tesco by Manchester United’s star player, Fernando, and his wife Ana Pinho, who was carrying an ironing board and a clothes dryer.

Bruno Fernandes’ grocery list included Coca-Cola, Red Bull, and an ironing board.

The Manchester United player was able to fit everything inside his vehicle.The Portuguese celebrity bought a huge bucket of Play-Doh, demonstrating that he is also not afraid to buy dirty.That’s probably for Matilde, his young daughter, who was also spotted in Fernandes’ cart with a 24-pack of Andrex toilet paper.

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