Man Utd goalkeeper Andre Onana stunned fans when he owned a private Gulfstream G200 plane worth 26 million euros, traveling everywhere with his family

Fans of Manchester United’s talented goalie Andre Onana know him for more than just his skills on the field. People are also interested in his unique hobbies outside of football.The media and his fans are now interested in the news that he owns a private Gulfstream G200 plane worth 26 million euros. It is the purpose of this piece to describe Onana’s job and explain his choice to buy such a cool personal flying vehicle.Along with being a great football player, Andre Onana loves flying. He also chose to buy a private Gulfstream G200 plane worth 26 million euros because of this. The Gulfstream G200 is one of the best mid-range planes on the market because it has a great design and can fly quickly.Onana can save time and easily get from one place to another since she owns a private plane. This is very important for him as a professional football player because he has to go to a lot of different places for games and practice. For Onana and his family, private jets also give them peace and comfort when they travel.

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