Red Alert: Opponents target Man Utd’s weakest link as teams figure out how to beat Ten Hag by clever tactical switch in game

Having said that, United’s season-opening performance does not necessarily have to be considered a failure.

Remember the beginning of the previous campaign when United was in somewhat of a crisis after losses to Brighton and Brentford?

Therefore, perhaps United supporters shouldn’t be in a panic and some perspective is needed.

In order for the club to have a successful season, some tactical concerns that have surfaced from the first two games will need to be resolved.

Pressing high

Football’s top teams are aggressively pressing high to obstruct the opposition’s build-up and induce errors high up the field. Pressing is still one of the game’s buzzwords.

After all, teams will be able to create opportunities to score goals if they can rapidly get the ball back. We also observe that teams that effectively press high preserve their spacing and compactness behind that high press.

To engage the press in high regions, players must jump while being supported by players behind them who must squeeze higher to close off the spaces behind the press.

If this does not occur, the team that is under pressure can play through the early pressure and locate players in a ton of open space.

In the aforementioned illustration, the United assault has stalled on the brink of the Spurs area, and Casemiro and Mount jump high to apply pressure as James Maddison is in control.Third midfielder Bruno Fernandes is already there, so as Maddison weaves between the press, he is able to advance into space.The midfield for Man United moved from the first game against Wolves, where Mount and Fernandes played quite high, to the game against Spurs, where Mount played closer to Casemiro, but the midfield as a whole still feels very stretched.

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